Paul's Online Journey

I started my online journey mid 2012 when I wanted to help people learn how to invest in real estate. I knew a lot about investing but absolutely nothing about how to build an online business.

I ended up wasting a lot of money because I had no idea what was needed or what I was doing! After several months “wandering” aimlessly online trying to work it all out on my own, I decided to get some help – I decide to get a mentor!

I had randomly bought training programs previously but these were pretty ordinary in comparison to having someone who knew what they were talking about and could guide me in the right direction, at the right time.

This was the start of a steep learning curve for me but one that I have absolutely loved. I didn’t know much about websites, landing pages, marketing funnels, traffic, auto responders, email campaigns, webinars … and the list goes on! It was daunting and overwhelming at first, but I persisted to learn as much as I could.


By 2014 my business had shifted from teaching people about real estate investing and money management towards life and success coaching. Several US media sites had run articles about my success coaching and my contribution in a book called ‘Simple Ideas – Extraordinary Results’. The book hit several Amazon Best Seller lists, ranking at #14 in the ‘Web Marketing’ category, and placing in the ‘E-Commerce’ and ‘Marketing/Web Marketing’ categories.

Mid 2015 I decided to start ‘Your Online Revolution’ to show people how to generate an income online. By late 2016 we started seeing our members achieve real success online – some earning $10-20k in a single month!

Early 2017, I left a six figure J.O.B. and went full-time online and started travelling overseas. I am now able to focus 100% on making Your Online Revolution even better! My goal is to help as many people as possible achieve success online by providing them with the very best training, tools and support available.